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Deluge offers certified products which adhere to the prevailing codes that are compliant with our stringent production standards and those of our partners. Our production facilities provide a platform where pipes can be customized and delivered on-site for immediate installation.

Fire Pumps - Multi Stage Multi Outlet Pumps
  Split case pumps
  End suction pumps
  Vertical turbine pumps
  Containerized pumpset
Offshore And Marine
  Deluge Valve Skids
  Deluge Valves
  Deluge Valves Foam Skids
   Helideck Foam Skids
Fire Alarm System
  Addressable System
  Conventional System
   UV / IR Detection Systems
  VESDA Systems
  Video Smoke Detection System (VSD)
  Voice Communication Systems
   Linear Heat Detection Systems
Fabricated Pipes
  Cost effective construction services and prefabricated equipment

  Our on-site production facilities enable design customization and
   the timely output of materials

  Skilled, direct work force of 600 staff force delivers high quality workmanship even under tight deadlines
Fire Fighting Products
  Foam Concentrates
  Foam Hose Stations
   Remote Monitor Systems
  Life Saving & Safety Equipment
  Hosereel, Rising Main Systems
  Foam equipment – Low / Medium / High Expansion
   Fire Hose / Hydrants / Monitors
   Valves - Post Indicator / OS & Y / Butterfly / Deluge Valves
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
  Wider range of cylinder - 12 sizes
  Cylinder and valves are of stainless steel
   Shorter lead time with well stock in warehouse
  Local filling station (UL Listed) provide refilling within 24 hours
  High level of stock of at least 20 tons each gases

To find out more about our products and customization service, please feel free to email us at or just call us at our hotline (+65 6862 3688).